Agriculture/Farming Technology 

The AFT Department is the newest addition to Student Life at Sunnybrook. Students will have the opportunity to assist in the school garden and care for the live animals housed on campus. Pre-K through Fifth Grade can join the Gardening Club where students will learn basic horticulture, the practice of garden cultivation and management. Secondary Students can gain elective credit. During this class, students will gain an in depth understanding of STEM, agriculture, healthy living, and civic engagement. 


The SCA Art Department is dedicated to providing opportunity for students to grow in their personal craft and self expression. By utilizing The Creative Process, we focus on developing skills within our art making that reach beyond the classroom. High School students enrolled in Art will have the opportunity to take their work to a State-wide Fine Arts Competition to showcase and compete with other schools. Art is available 1-12th Grade. 

Chapel Band/Choir

The Music Department at SCA is unlike any other Music Department. We have incorporated General Music Theory and Music Ministry to create something beautiful. Students that join Chapel Band will take a special Bible Course that challenges them musically and trains them on how to lead Worship. Students will gain insight on what it means to be apart of a Music Ministry and why Praise and Worship is so important. The Chapel Band will minister weekly during our Chapel Services. They will also compete in a State-Wide Fine Arts Competition yearly.

Choir is built into our Chapel Band in a very special way. Students who sign up for Choir will perform at Special Chapel Services, during Productions put on by our Drama Department, and will also compete at the end of the year at the Fine-Arts Competition. 

Drama/Worship Arts Department

The Drama Department at SCA offers an exciting opportunity for students to express themselves and learn what it truly means to worship through art. Within our Drama Department, we have Worship Arts (Dance and Worship Flag Ministry) and Drama (acting, human videos, costume making, set building, and directing). They work collectively to put on quarterly productions that incorporate each student on campus. At the end of the year, the Drama Department also takes part in the State-wide Fine Arts Competition where they compete against other private schools across the state. 


Graphics is an introductory course that examines techniques for creating 2D designs using computer graphics software. Students gain experience representing designs using various techniques. They practice using computer graphics programs in different situations and develop basic skills that can be built upon later. They will also gain a basic insight on live-stream production as well as recording. 

Our Journalism Students will study the basic principles of print and online journalism as they examine the role of printed news media in our society. They learn investigative skills, responsible reporting, and journalistic writing techniques as they read, respond to, and write their own news and feature articles. (This part of the course is only offered when there are enough students interested)

Home Economics

In the Family and Consumer Science Class (Home Economics) , students will learn the art and science of home management. Who wouldn’t benefit from a practical introduction to cooking and homemaking? There is more to know than most novices realize. Along with learning to cook all types of food comes budgeting, organizing, and entertaining. This course covers it all—even nutrition and etiquette. 


 Woodworking is a course designed to introduce students to general woodworking practices.  Students will expand their knowledge and experience through various projects, lessons, and vocabulary.  Students will be expected to learn about and safely use hand tools, power tools, and woodworking machinery. (This course is only offered when there are enough students interested)

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