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The mission of Sunnybrook is to develop and educate students, spiritually, mentally, physically, socially and instill a Christ centered world view.


At Sunnybrook, we strive to equip students with the spirital tools and academic skills needed to meet the challenges and expectations of life.


The educational philosophy of Sunnybrook is based on the Bible as the sole authority for the evaluating of truth, for determining practices, and as the basis of our faith. The Bible states that all things were created by and for the glory of God. They owe their existence and preservation to the work of Jesus Christ by whom all things consist.

Man is a special creation who was made in the image of God. Man, alone has the unique capacity to know and respond to God. When man fell and became a sinner by nature and practice, he lost this capacity to respond or perform any works of righteousness that are acceptable and glorifying to God. It is only through the new birth that man is restored to fellowship with God and by the power of the Holy Spirit that He can know and honor God in his life.

The Holy Spirit uses the Word through the entire educational process to cultivate the student’s fellowship with God, to develop within each student a Christian mind, and to instruct him in Godly living, so that he might fulfill the total purpose of glorifying God in life. The teacher, as a born-again believer, must model the life of Christ as revealed in Scripture to help the student conform to the image of God.

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