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Our mission for Sunnybrook is dependent on the Holy Spirit.

We will instill the teaching of Jesus Christ as the foundation

of all spiritual growth to transform lives

as we pursue academic excellence.


Sunnybrook Christian Academy provides each child with an understanding of self in relation to God and His Word. Our goal is to meet the academic, spiritual, physical, and social needs of each student as

he/she lives a life that will please and glorify God.

With God's help, these educational goals will be achieved through prayer, the example of daily Christian living by the staff, the implementation of a Christ-centered curriculum, and systematic parental involvement in the educational process. We will strive in every way possible to relate Biblical principles relevant

to the students' lives now, as well as in the future.


Sunnybrook will achieve this by declaring the following educational goals:

To teach the Word of God, as the ultimate authority to guide our students in all areas of living.

To nurture a deep and abiding faith in God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit, and the Bible as His Word.

To provide a comprehensive program of Bible instruction, emphasizing application and the discernment of truth.

To encourage good citizenship based on a genuine love and respect for our country

and the ideals on which it was founded.

To cultivate a healthy self-esteem and respect for the rights and needs of others

while maintaining a positive attitude.

To instill the desire to build strong family units.

To promote academic excellence in reading, language, mathematics,

social studies, science, health and spiritual growth.

To provide an appreciation for the aesthetics through the Arts.

To provide instruction and training in how to study, how to discover, how to locate information and

how to solve problems using available resources and technology.

To develop habits of self-discipline, and assume responsibility for their own actions.

To promote respect for cultural diversity as each student maintains

an appreciation for his/her unique heritage.

To encourage the proper care and development of the body.


Sunnybrook was birthed from the Ministry of Temple of Praise Church in 1978. Responding to the Lord’s proclamation “All thy children shall be taught of the Lord..“, provoked Sunnybrook to begin is first school year as a Christian School in 1979.  The first school year began with 60 students using a self paced curriculum.

The conversion of self paced teaching style to the ABEKA curriculum was made official in 1985 and has been the foundational curriculum for over 20 years.  To this day, Sunnybrook still has not wavered from teaching the next generation of political, educational, healthcare professionals, ministry leaders, scientists, tradesman, business leaders the uncompromising Word of God.


Pastor Gilbert D. Perez, Founder and Senior Pastor

Pastor Gilbert D. Perez

Founder / Senior Pastor

Trudie M Perez, Adminitrator

Trudie M. Perez



Mike Lopez Jr

Campus Princpal


Christine Castillo

Elementary Supervisor

If you would like to schedule an appointment with any of our Administrators, please contact the school office at 210-674-8000. 


National Association of Private Schools is dedicated to recognizing and improving the character and educational quality of private Christian schools.  NAPS is a non-profit educational corporation, which provides educational assistance and accreditation for church schools, private Christian schools, and Christian home school academies, Pre-K through 12th grade, with credible traditional education programs.

“Accreditation means that an institution is fulfilling its stated purpose with integrity and excellence.”

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