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Who is Eddie Villanueva Jr.?

Who is articles released monthly, will highlight ex-Sunnybrook students and Alumni. We want to highlight our fruits to our current Lion Pride community.

Who is Eddie Villanueva Jr.?

Eddie Villanueva Jr. graduated class of 2004 and currently lives and works in San Diego, California. Eddie is married to Doris Villanueva and is the Social Medial Director for K-LOVE San Diego. Upon graduating from Sunnybrook Christian Academy, Eddie obtained a degree in Media from Northwest Vista College in San Antonio, Texas. He followed his passion and dreams of Radio Broadcasting to an entry-level position at a local radio station in California.

He continued working diligently and started attending XYZ Church with his wife. After several successful projects and years with the local radio station, he landed a director position with K-LOVE.

Eddie can testify to God's amazing love and grace on his children. The crucial High School years he spent at Sunnybrook molded his Christian character and put him on his current path with God.